Ugra will host the Spirit of Fire Film Festival in August
01.02.2021, 12:07
Ugra will host the Spirit of Fire Film Festival in August

The Governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova held the online meeting of the Organizing Committee for the preparation and holding of the 19th Spirit of Fire International Debut Film Festival.

The meeting discussed changing the format and dates of the international film festival.

The Deputy Governor Yuri Yuzhakov proposed to reschedule the Spirit of Fire international film festival to August this year. The opening and closing ceremonies of the film festival will be held on August 20-23.

"This joint decision with the President of the Film Festival Sergey Solovyov, the Vice-President of the Festival Maria Zvereva and the Executive Directorate is proposed due to the border closures because of the pandemic," Yuri Yuzhakov said.

The Vice-President of the Festival Maria Zvereva noted that the Cannes International Film Festival, viewed by many as the most prestigious in the world, has already been postponed from May to July due to the ongoing pandemic.

"The postponement of the Spirit of Fire festival to August will give us more opportunities to draw up the programme, invite participants and select the most interesting competitive proposals," Maria Zvereva emphasized.

The Head of the region Natalia Komarova and the Organizing Committee of the festival supported the proposal.

"The terms of preparation of the festival's competition programme should be amended accordingly. It is important not to lose anything of what was planned,

so that all potential participants, the jury and actors would be comfortable working at the film festival," the Head of the region instructed.

During the meeting, Maria Zvereva proposed to extend the submission period for the contest for the film projects among the countries of the Arctic Council.

"Directors and screenwriters from Canada are ready to take part in the contest," said Maria Zvereva, the Vice-President of the film festival.

Following the meeting, Natalia Komarova instructed the relevant departments to continue working on the preparation of the festival.