The residents of Khanty-Mansiysk met the Family Day with "Chitalkin"
08.03.2020, 09:45

The Chitalkin concert was held on the Family Day of the Spirit of Fire Film Festival at the Ugra-Classic CTC on March 8.

The fourth annual literary concert "CHITALKIN in Khanty-Mansiysk" was held with the support of the Hometowns social investment programme of Gazprom Neft and the Little KINO Fund for Support and Development of Cinematography for Children and Youth.

"The 18th Spirit of Fire International Film Festival is dedicated to small or rather children's cinema. The flame of which, of course, will ignite, and there will be children's cinema in our country, announced the concert MC, actor Ilya Slanevsky. Well, in the meantime, we will happily reminisce, look and read the internal works of children's literature on which the parents of today's children grew up, and maybe even their grandparents. Time flies inexorably, children grow up, but many of them have managed to act in children's cinema and gave unforgettable films of our childhood. And if you, dear parents, manage to show these films to children, believe me, they will grow up to be good people."

Bright and memorable stories of the Soviet children's films were shown on the screen and the MC talked about their making of. The concert orchestra of Ugra conducted by the artistic director and principal conductor Sergey Sviridov performed well-known musical compositions, such as excerpts from the films "Welcome, or No Trespassing", "Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors", "The Adventures of the Elektronic", "The Adventures of Buratino", "Scarecrow" and tunes from the cartoons "Mother For a Little Mammoth", "When My Friends With Me", the music of the song "Beautiful Far Away" and others.