Ugra opened the 18th International Debut Film Festival “Spirit of Fire”
06.03.2020, 23:53

The grand opening of the XVIII Spirit of Fire IDFF took place at the Ugra-Classic Concert and Theater Center today, March 6th.

This year, the Festival guests are representatives of cinematographic art from about 20 countries.

According to the good tradition that has developed over the long years of the “Spirit of Fire”, residents and guests of Ugra capital met the Festival participants on the red carpet. The key guests are Festival organizers, famous actors, directors, artists, graduates of Sergey Solovyov’s workshop: Maria Zvereva, Boris Nelepo, Leonid Yarmolnik, Irina Rozanova, Evgenia Brik, Bogdan Kiyashko, Anastasia Teplinskaya, Stasia Venkova, Irina Balkova and others.

The audience greeted the eminent filmmakers and their favorite actors on the street with loud applause under the bright lights of a real fire show and accompanied them to the Ugra-Classic CTC where the guests of the evening experienced wonderful sounds of classical music. The violinist, student of the Center for the Arts for Gifted Children of the North, Alexander Klimov and pianist Natalya Alexandrova created a unique atmosphere.

Accompanied by classical music, guests walked along the red carpet, welcoming the audience, taking pictures and enjoying a warm meeting.

The stage performance of the Opening ceremony was marked by a number of anniversary dates. Among them are the 100th anniversary of the birth of the great film director Federico Fellini, the 160th anniversary of the birth of Anton Chekhov, the 80th anniversary of the birth of outstanding Russian cameraman Pavel Lebeshev, the 130th anniversary of Charlie Chaplin. And the most important holiday was the 18th Spirit of Fire Festival, dedicated to the theme of childhood, where the best debut films of the world will be presented.

Traditionally, the members of the international jury of the Film Festival were introduced to the audience. The jury of the guild of cameramen is represented by cameraman Yuri Shaigardanov, the composer’s jury was headed by composer Pavel Karmanov, and the star casting jury of this year included Evgenia Brik, Irina Rozanova and Leonid Yarmolnik. Director's triumvirate: Natasha Merkulova and Alexey Chupov, Pavel Ruminov, Nigina Sayfullaeva. And finally, the grand jury of the international competition: director, artist Mika Taanila (Finland), director Ivan Cardoso (Brazil), and chairperson of the jury - director Rita Azevedo Gomes (Portugal).

Beautiful, sophisticated ballerinas demonstrated the main prizes of the Festival. Among them: a prize named after Pavel Lebeshev for the best image in the debut film, prizes named after Alexander Abdulov for the best female and best male roles in the Russian debut film, the audience award "Golden Taiga" for the best Russian film, the prize "Silver Taiga" for the best short film, Golden Taiga prize for the best short film, and special prize of the general partner Of the Spirit of Fire- the Gazprom Neft - for preservation of cultural traditions:“Flowers of Hope of Taiga” awarded by the filmmaker’s triumvirate. Prizes of the international jury: “Bronze Taiga” for the best debut film of the international program, prize “Silver Taiga” for the best debut film of the international program, and the main prize of the Spirit of Fire International Debut Film Festival “Golden Taiga” for the best debut film.

Vice-president of the “Spirit of Fire” Festival, Maria Zvereva, greeted the guests from the stage: “I can say on behalf of myself, on behalf of Sergei Soloviev and the whole team, that we are happy to be here again. This year the Festival is called “May it always be ...” for a reason, the people we remember are sitting in the hall - these are our beloved and precious spectators, 18 years ago they attended the children's program. And let those who go to watch children's films today, after 18 years, watch the continuation of art, which we will continue to bring to Khanty-

Mansiysk. Over the years, Ugra has become an important cinematic place of art, because we want art to be present in the life of the Autonomous Okrug as well.”