Creative laboratory "Route to Cinema" will tell the young Ugorians about cinema
05.03.2020, 14:34

The creative laboratory "Route to Cinema" started today on March 5.

Directors Marina Poddubnaya and Yana Skopina, graduates of Sergey Solovyov's workshop for actors and directors, will tell the young Ugorians about creating movies during the three days of the Spirit of Fire Film Festival and will create films together with them.

Teenagers from Surgut, Khanty-Mansiysk and Megion met at the site of PTRC "Ugra" to learn about cinema.

On the first day of work, schoolchildren will learn what directing is, how the script is written, who the artists are, and how the decision to make a movie appears. The second day will be devoted to the process of creating movies, cinematography, acting, and sound engineering. On the third day, they will tell about editing, film making, producing and will present creative author's works.

The main theme is cinema as the art of focus and illusion. That is the thing that made Marie-Georges-Jean Melies, the French director and circus artist, one of the founders of the world cinema, the inventor of the first film tricks, understand the important role of cinema. The theme is also relevant because January 20 marked the 100th anniversary of the birth of Federico Fellini, the great Italian director who changed the world cinema, creator of the famous circus.

"Today we will show a presentation and describe what the beginning of the cinema was, - said Marina Poddubnaya. - Our goal is to arouse children's interest in cinema. We will explain how light is set on, how actors work in movies because this is different from theatre art. We will speak about how to make a sound, because any object can sound. Children will learn how to frame a shot, why there are close, cover and medium shots and for what purposes they are created in cinema. We also suggest children come up with tricks that can be done with the help of cinema: disappearance, passing through walls, levitation, all the things that can not be done in the real world, but can be implemented in the cinema."

For the children to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the old Fellini circus, the laboratory workshop presents theatrical, themed circus costumes and masks that clearly convey the world age.

Excerpts from the films "Big Fish" directed by Tim Burton, "The Road" and "Eight and a Half" directed by Federico Fellini, "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus" directed by Terry Gilliam will be shown to the children.

On March 8, the final screening of the children's works will take place within the film laboratory. "I would like to see the schoolchildren who understood how to create a movie, get excited about it and feel their creative potential, their capabilities, so they can start implementing it. Children will be able to create their own film product, step by step plunge into the world of cinema, evaluate themselves independently and understand which way to move on," said the director Yana Skopina.

It should be noted that the creative laboratory "Route to Cinema" is held in cooperation with the Regional Non-Profit Charitable Foundation of Local Communities "WE ARE TOGETHER".