Your Cinema program started the XVIII Spirit of Fire Film Festival
05.03.2020, 10:28

Your Cinema children and youth program has traditionally opened the XVIII Spirit of Fire IDFF.

Talented children from the Children's Theater of Modern Choreography "Academy of Dance" with their performance opened the solemn ceremony of the Your Cinema international film program for children and youth, which was held in the Centre of Arts for Gifted Children of the North today.

The opening ceremony was held by Sofia Skidan and Danil Gorobchuk, the participants of the theatre workshop of Tatyana Akhmadyrshina, the actress of the Ugra Classic CTC.

Your Cinema international film program for children and youth is held annually within the Spirit of Fire Festival. Last year, it became competitive and film premieres from 8 countries were shown within it. The 2020 festival program includes works from 10 countries: Latvia, Belgium, Germany, Norway, South Korea, Sweden, Kyrgyzstan, France, Italy and Great Britain. Films of this program will be presented to the Russian audience for the first time.

Moreover, the films of "Your Cinema" will be seen by the audience of four cities of Ugra: Khanty-Mansiysk, Kogalym, Surgut and Beloyarsky.

The curator of the program, as well as last year, is Ekaterina Bordacheva, the Program Director of the Russian Film Market, a member of the European Children's Film Association ECFA and a member of the Expert Council of the Federal Fund for Economic and social support of the Russian Cinematography.

"Another year has passed and we meet again at the Spirit of Fire Festival. I am very happy to see your glowing eyes again," Ekaterina Bordacheva addressed the young audience. – I love Khanty-Mansiysk, I love the Festival and I am very grateful that the organizers and my colleagues made the program competitive. We have a unique opportunity to be the first viewers of these films in the country and even in the world. For the second year, the program is competitive and we invite leading experts from all over the world. This year, the jury of the Your Cinema program includes a guest from India, producer and director of the International Film Festival for Children and Youth in New Delh, Jitendra Mishra, and my colleague from Valencia, media teacher, producer and showman Josep Arbiol."

From the stage, Ekaterina Bordacheva presented the symbol of the Festival of Children's Cinema and Media Education: a toy named "Marpola", which arrived from Spain with Josep.

Foreign guests of the Festival welcomed the participants of the Your Cinema program. "We are very happy to be at this Festival, it has its own unique atmosphere, despite the fact that it is very cold outside, all the people are very warm inside," Jitendra Mishra shared.

In the end, Ekaterina Bordacheva presented a film "Away" by Gints Zilbalodis, the director from Latvia: "This is a debut of a Latvian film director, an amazing film. Valencia

has a leading Animation Film Festival, where the film won one of the main prizes. The film was made by one person in three years, who realized his idea and put a lot of effort into making us watch it today."

The results of the Your Cinema children and youth program will be summed up on March 9 within the closing ceremony of the XVIII Spirit of Fire IDFF.