Echo of the Spirit of Fire IDFF will be held in Moscow
06.03.2020, 07:42
Echo of the Spirit of Fire IDFF will be held in Moscow

Echo of the Spirit of Fire IDFF will be held in Moskino cinemas from March 10 to 15.

We recall that the best films of young directors from Russia and more than 25 countries will be presented at the 18th Spirit of Fire International Film Festival, which will begin in Khanty-Mansiysk on March 5. The theme of this year's festival is "May there always be..."

The programme of the festival in Moscow will be divided into two parts: bright debuts and new names. Retrospectives of lesser-known Russian directors will be presented: Brazilian classic of avant-garde horror Ivan Cardoso and masters of poetic cinema António Reis and Margarida Cordeiro. The programme will end with a joint work of Rita Azevedo Gomes, Pierre Leon and Jean Louis Schaefer "Danses Macabres, Skeletons, and Other Fantasies". A detailed schedule of screenings can be found on the Moskino website:

The departure point of the international competition programme of the festival is 1899. At the dawn of the century, Matthew Rankin's "The Twentieth Century" begins. The Canadian debutant asks the most ambitious questions in comic form: how to unravel the identity of your country? Does only disappointment serve as a pass to the new century?

The through line of the competition is a reflection on the twentieth century. It leads us to realize ourselves in the modern world in all its diversity. The novelistic spirit and scale charactarize Eloy Enciso's "A Long Night" about the Franco regime in Spain: the film is based on works by Galician writers. Talking about the present-day is impossible without looking back at the past, no matter how traumatic it was. Nicolas Rincon Gille understands this, his "Valley of Souls" is rooted in the bloody turbulence of Colombia. A documentary filmmaker by vocation, he tells about recent events in the genre of magical realism.

Together with "The Twentieth Century", the debut of the famous actress Jeanne Balibar "Wonders in the Suburbs" defines the programme's framework of eccentric comedy. Comedy is a rare genre for an author's film that requires love of working with actors.

The closer to today's day, the deeper directors look into their inner world, become performers themselves, and blur the boundaries between the fiction and the documentary, the performative and the staged. These are the "Zumiriki" by Oskar Alegria and the "The Metamorphosis of Birds" by Catarina Vasconcelos.

Finally, "Bird Island" by Sergio da Costa and Maya Kosa is a post-documentary poem where the searches and conflicts of the entire competition converge. The directors found a phenomenal form to reflect the world in all its fragility, beauty and contradictions. The image of the Festival is a confused person against the background of the historical, cultural, family, natural landscape. Moreover, the work that is required for the most important thing — to keep humanity in the journey with the "Heavenly Angels", as Christian calls them.