Kogalym Maly Theatre received foreign guests of the Spirit of Fire
05.03.2020, 09:38
Kogalym Maly Theatre received foreign guests of the Spirit of Fire

On March 2, a meet-the-artist event with Jitendra Mishra, a film producer from India, director of the Film Festival for Children and Youth in New Delhi and a guest of the 18th Spirit of Fire International Film Festival took place in Kogalym.

The meeting was held within the Your Cinema creative laboratory of the author's cinema. More than 40 students of the Kogalym Polytechnic College participated in it.

As part of the event, a Stencil Animation Technique master class was organized by the Animation Workshop and was conducted by Daria Lukyanova, Yulia Krivosheina, and Alina Titorenko, animators from Moscow. More than 30 pupils of the Kogalym City School of Fine Arts from 8 to 15 years old became participants of the creative laboratory.

The children were lucky to know the mystery of creating an animated film. Pupils immersed themselves in the history of animated films and learned how to animate images using modern technologies. Master class' participants played and learned the techniques of animation production in a free form.

"The participation of the branch of the Maly Theatre in Kogalym in the XVIII International Debuts Film Festival has turned into an interesting format. Cinema and theatre are two related cultural areas. This year, the Maly Theatre's actors will also participate in the Film Festival in the district capital. Lyudmila Polyakova, actress of the Maly Theatre, will arrive in Khanty-Mansiysk," said Margarita Gichai, head of the branch of the Maly Theatre in Kogalym.

The creative laboratory ended with the screening of the film "Bori" (South Korea, 2019).

It should be noted that open creative platforms have become an annual traditional form of work of the Spirit of Fire Film Festival. The program of the laboratory includes screenings of films of the international community, workshops of the film crew on animation, screenings of a part of the films of the author's live-action films from among the winners and participants of international festivals and competitions from the program on the film sites of the Okrug. Events allow not only to show the participation of residents of the region in one common project but also to present Ugra at the international film society.