Nastassja Kinski: I'm just like everyone else
02.03.2019, 10:32

The meeting of the popular actress Nastassja Kinski with special needs children, participants of the Costume Theatre of the CTC "Ugra-Classic" was held today, on March 2, as part of the 17th IDFF "Spirit of Fire".

"I am very glad to meet you; you are so small and beautiful! - the star of world cinema greeted the children. - I like it here, there is an enchanting nature, I hope to come back here again someday".

The children of the Costume Theatre asked any questions they were interested in and answered the counter questions of the movie actress. The actress was happy to talk about how she got into this profession: "In fact, I wanted to be a dancer or a nurse, but life ordered otherwise: I turned to the cinema, although I never dreamed of being an actress, - Nastassja Kinski told them. - My childhood was not easy, but I always loved to create stories. At the same time, I liked to work in a team. So that's how it went".

"Many people think that acting in a movie is a simple matter, but it's not so, you have to completely espouse the cause. We want life to be meaningful, so we do not take up simple things, the main thing is not to give up," the actress said.

According to her, people should understand their place in this world, to love themselves and to realize their dreams. It is necessary to love each other, to do good deeds and always try to accept the other because all of us need the same thing, and when it turns out to really please a person, it feels so good.

She noted that it is very important in this rhythm of life to be able to take care of yourself and just relax: "I'm still learning to rest to be strong."

"And in our life, it is necessary to dream and imagine how all children like to do. It is necessary to achieve a dream. I also love it very much, I am the same as everyone else, I have the same thoughts as you have," the guest of the Festival assured.

Children of Khanty-Mansiysk in response to such a warm communication presented the star guest a creative gift made with their own hands – an original jacket with the inscription "Spirit of Fire", which Nastassja Kinski kissed in a strict sense. She heartily thanked them for this gift and, with pleasure, did with everyone a photo for memory.