"Academy. Arzamas" will bring the theatrical laboratories for children and adults
01.03.2019, 10:30
"Academy. Arzamas" will bring the theatrical laboratories for children and adults

Cultural and educational project "Academy. Arzamas" will bring the theatrical laboratories for children and adults at the XVII IDFF "Spirit of Fire". The main place of theatrical meetings will be Ugra State Library.

Note, "Academy. Arzamas" is a project of the International Cinema Forum "V_Meste" (To_gether) that is held in the framework of the XVII IDFF "Spirit of Fire".

On March 2 and 3, for children from 9 to 13 years will be held a literary-theatrical workshop of Arthur Givargizov – writer, screenwriter, winner of the "Scarlet Sails" competition (2003, 2006), winner of the prize of journalists "Media favorite" in the framework of the annual national competition "Books of the Year – 2005", laureate of the competitions "Children's reading jury", "Cherished Dream" and the award named after S. Marshak, laureate of the prize named after Korney Chukovsky (Moscow). Children together with the writer will read stories, plays and immediately begin to transform them into scripts and concert etudes.

In addition, on March 2, in the framework of a special project of the IDFF "Festival Night", Artur Givargizov will meet with young spectators at the CTC "Ugra-Classic".

On March 5, Marfa Gorvits, actress, director, graduate of the Moscow International Film School, directing faculty of Russian Institute of Theatre Arts GITIS, winner of the "Golden Mask" (Moscow) will hold a theatre laboratory for children from 6 to 12 years. In the classroom, children will try themselves in the role of directors, scene designers, play-writers, during training and games for the development of imagination and team qualities.

For adults on March 2, lectures of Alla Shenderova will be held. She is a theatricologist, theatre critic, journalist, editor of the magazine "Theatre", a columnist for the newspaper "Kommersant", the author of the online publication "Colta", magazine "Plays International & Europe" and many other publications, lecturer at British Higher School of Art and Design, member of the jury of the Festival "Golden Mask-2019". In her two-hour lecture "Why does the theatre need video?" lovers of the theatre will raise the issues of the theatre: who started it? Why is the theatre the most greedy of all the arts and why did it need to pretend to be a cinema? All this and a little more on the example of fragments from the performances of Robert Lepage, Jan Fabre, Christian Lupa, Katie Mitchell, Romeo Castellucci, Konstantin Bogomolov and other major directors.

On March 5 and 6, Kristina Matvienko, art history PhD, the specialist in drama study, critic and curator of the "School of the modern viewer and listener" of Stanislavsky Electrotheatre will hold a set of lectures. At the first meeting "Cinema and Theatre: the confrontation and interaction, XX century", guests will learn about the birth of the world cinema, the contrariety and the further cooperation between cinema and theatre: "From the very beginning, when the cinema has just appeared, theorists and practitioners of the theatre treated it with suspicion, as a living newspaper or a replacement for travel. But already in the 1910s, Vsevolod Meyerhold shot his film debut, played in the cinema, and then – used the cinema discoveries in the theatre".

At the second meeting "Documentary theatre: history, theory and modern practice" participants will discuss documentary theatre and modern methods and techniques (Verbatim) used in the theatre environment.

Note that the "Academy "Arzamas" (arzamas.academy.ru) engaged in education, cultural history. Its organizers record lectures send them online, provide various platforms for the best representatives of the humanities, so, give free, affordable education for the whole of Russia.

As a reminder, the project "Spirit of Fire. Academy" was introduced at the first film forum "V_meste" on the XVI IDFF "Spirit of Fire" together with the "Academy "Arzamas" in the past year, and aroused great interest among the guests of the Festival.