The guests of the Festival were met with the bread and salt in Ugra towns
01.03.2019, 10:24
The guests of the Festival were met with the bread and salt in Ugra towns

Even before the official opening of the 17th International Film Festival "Spirit of Fire", it spread in a wide wave through the Ugra towns.

Creative laboratory of the author's movie "Your Cinema" was held yesterday in the framework of the II International Cinema Forum "V_Meste" (To_gether) and the cultural program of the 17th IDFF "Spirit of Fire".

The program of the laboratory included screenings of films of the international community, workshops of the film crew on animation, screenings of a part of the films of the author's live-action films from among the winners and participants of international festivals and competitions from the program on the film sites of the Okrug.

One of the first who met the famous directors were the residents of Megion. On February 27, at a town school No. 9, festival guests, directors Svetlana Grishina, Vit Karas, Yaroslava Gynshtova and Michael Harbauer held master classes for pupils and presented competitive works of the festival "Your Cinema".

Svetlana Grishina held a master class "Clay animation. Stop Motion". Vit Karas presented his second Czech fairy-tale film "The Third Wish", which won several prizes at the festivals of Europe, including the prize of the festival named after the writer and screenwriter Ota Hoffman and became a participant in the competition program of children's films "Your Cinema" of the 17th "Spirit of Fire".

Foreign guests were satisfied with such a warm welcome, they were met by Russian beauties in national costumes with bread and salt in their hands, schoolchildren prepared a real concert with traditional dances and songs of the indigenous peoples of the North and arranged an autograph session, and the head of Megion Oleg Deineka personally presented commemorative gifts.

On February 28, the guests of the Festival gladdened the residents of Langepas and Nizhnevartovsk district. In the Cultural Centre Neftyanik in Langepas, there was held a creative meeting and screening of the fairy-tale film "The Third Wish". On the same day for the residents of the village of Izluchinsk in the Inter-Urban Cultural Leisure Complex "Harlequin" was shown the film "Mountain Miracle - An Unexpected Friendship" ("Amelie rennt") (2017, Italy, Germany) directed by Tobias Wiemann.

Tomorrow, on March 2 at the cinema "Cedar" in Pyt-Yakh will be a screening of the film "Meerkat Moonship" (2017) from South Africa and a creative meeting with the author and director Hanneke Schutte.