The audience will define a topic of open photography and microfilm competitions of XVII IFCD "Spirit of Fire"
02.07.2018, 15:01
The audience will define a topic of open photography and microfilm competitions of XVII IFCD "Spirit of Fire"
E-voting on the topic definition of open photography and microfilm competitions of XVII International Festival of Cinematographic Debuts "Spirit of Fire" 2019 will start in Ugra from 1 July.
Viewers can choose any of the 3 proposed variants on the official website of the International Festival of Cinematographic Debuts and in social networks:

1.“The Fate of a Man”.
Here we can talk about the profession, and personality, the human destinies, and possibility of broadcasting of this subject through theatrical and cinematic means of artistic expression. Desire for self-realization is inherent for everyone. People understand their personal place in society. The possibility of self-realization manifests itself in people in different activities. For example, in addition to professional realization, many seek to create strong family ties, to realize themselves through creativity and art. The proposed topic is reflected in literature and cinema (the short story of the writer Mikhail Sholokhov "the Fate of a Man", the film adaptation directed by Sergey Bondarchuk).

2.“Must always children laugh and live in peaceful world”.
That is a line from a well-known song. The social status and child rearing is one of the greatest challenges of our time, both in our country and worldwide. This topic is close to every person on the planet.
Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2018 declared "the Decade of childhood" (decree of the President of the Russian Federation from May 29, 2017 No. 240 “declaring the Decade of childhood in the Russian Federation”).    

3.“To the World open your heart”.
Here we would like to cover the topic of volunteerism. To draw attention to it, as well as to socially relevant activities through the art of photography and microfilms. Volunteerism is an area that gives freedom to initiatives of general public and contributes to attainment of social policy objectives, improving the quality of life of citizens.
Any person on Earth can take part in the competition! Moreover, our compatriots living abroad could learn about the competitions on the official Internet resource of Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States Affairs and International Humanitarian Cooperation "Rossotrudichestvo".
E-voting will continue until 20 September.