The concept of XVII IFCD "Spirit of Fire" 2019 in Khanty-Mansiysk
02.07.2018, 15:00
The concept of XVII IFCD "Spirit of Fire" 2019 in Khanty-Mansiysk
Theatre and cinema are sworn brothers. They are both spectacles, involving auditoriums, scenes and screens communication with an audience. This audience may be quite different: from a dozen of spectators to many millions of halls of world cinema. But mostly, the interest of wide audience is there and, above all, there is an actor. Moreover, the nature of acting of both spectacles is the same, and that is why the entry in diplomas is the same. It is written: "an actor of drama theatre and cinema". The relations between theatre and cinema have historically developed so that there wasn't public tender fraternization. The word "theatrical" towards cinema has almost always been a dirty word, and the word "cinematic stuff" has always been in relation to drama theatre like original perfunctory and seeming "carelessness". Nevertheless, development of these arts, their coexistence is not entirely clear for the general audience, but the public really, really welcomes it. This is the main commonality we would like to support.

All so-called "stars" of Russian modern movie, they are all both filmmakers and leading actors of modern theatre. Their artistic fates meet together daily, hourly, and, in our view, benefit both arts. So, first of all, we would like, for example, to establish grand jury of the festival this year from leading figures of theatre, maybe even from Chief Stage Directors of these theatres. We will invite Lev Dodin, Andrey Moguchiy, Vladimir Fokin, Rimas Tuminas... We would like to invite Lev Dodin with a part of his troupe: actresses Ksenia Rappoport, Elizaveta Boyarskaya, Daniil Kozlovskiy. It's not only the world acting elite and theatre directing, but also people who are seriously interested in the problem, but that's not even a problem, that's real world cinema affairs, and, therefore, its future expressed in debuts. Impartiality and seriousness of the decisions in this case, as you know, is guaranteed.

We have addressed the issue of art education for several years. In this sense, the work of Boris Ukhanov, artistic Director of  Electrotheatre "Stanislavskiy", has great importance. Ukhanov over the past two years has trained about a hundred unique new actors and film directors. We will ask him to guide this part of the program. In particular, we intend to show in the hall "Transformer" two unique performances of the new generation – "the Horror", a stage version of the novel by V. Nabokov and "a Hero of our time", M. Lermontov’s classic work. These two performances directed by young first–time Director Tatiana Sambuk, and they are directed with such artistic clarity that may well be presented as a "theatre of Tatyana Sambuk". It is certainly necessary to bring a part of a course that is played in these stage works.

At the last Moscow international film festival, there was shown a completely unique cinematic work "Donkey" of the famous theater Director Anatoly Vasiliev. We are convinced that this film can be the opening film, and we would like to ask Vasiliev, who is not only a world known Director, but also an amazing teacher, to read one or two of the master classes for aspiring cinema and theatre artists. This would be very interesting, and therefore we would like these master classes to be transcribed and published as books and textbooks at the same time in the near future.

In the world cinema there is already a wonderful archival collection of outstanding works created on the basis of excellent theatrical productions. In particular, for example, the film-performance "Wedding" by A. Chekhov, in which performed almost all great Russian actors of the late 40's-early 50-ies. It is like unique monograph on the works in the cinema of the great masters of the theater. Or take Peter Brook's film "Marat/Sade" – the unique world movie production that is all made on the basis of outstanding performance.

Design should be performed accordingly, a package based on the artistic creation of the greatest Russian artist Aleksandr Golovin. All of this should serve to unfamiliar, but very positive knowledge – outstanding relations between the two great arts of Theatre and Cinema.

National artist of Russia, Professor,
Sergey Soloviev

Film Director, screenwriter,
President of the festival "Spirit of  Fire".