05.03.2018, 23:23

Results of the XVI International Debut Film Festival were finalized today in Khanty-Mansiysk. Closing Ceremony of the Festival took place in CTC “Ugra-Classic”.

XVI International Debut Film Festival “Spirit of Fire” was held in the scope of the program “Native Cities” sponsored by “GazpromNeft”. This year CTC “Ugra-Classic” became an Executive Directorate for the Festival.

The star “red carpet” preceded the award ceremony. This night Maria Zvereva, the Festival Vice-President, Olga Kabo, actress, Actor Leonid Kanevsky, participants of the international and Russian Competitions, the international judges headed by Paulu Branku, judges in cameramen and actors contest, directors’ triumvirate

In CTC “Ugra-Classic” the audience was presented a show with those actors and entertainers who took part in the opening ceremony of “Fire of Spirit”: Sergey Ryzhenko (violin), Musical leader of the Festival, Cinematography Institute student Bogdan Kyashko (piano) and Anastasya Teplisnkaya (dancing).Students Elena Isakova and Anastasiya Venkova from the artistic workshop of Sergey Soloviev were guiding the Ceremony.

Award Ceremony became the climax of the Cinema Festival at which the audience saw new Russian movies, unknown films by international masters, met the cinema producers from all over the world.    It was noticed that all movies presented at the ceremony deserve the award but the judges chose the best. Thus, the International and the Russian contests included 8 movies in each category, and 16 films in shorts.

By decision of the international judges “Golden Taiga” Award goes to “Sarah Plays Werewolf, the “Bronze Taiga went to “Classical Period” directed by Ted Fendt..

The main award from the Director’s triumvirate was given to the movie “Ivanov” directed by Dmitry Falkovitch. Special diplomas of the Director’s triumvirate were given to the “Dude” directed by Vladimir Munkovitch and “50” by Danila Zinchenko and Tikhon Pendyurin

The film debut “How Voctor “the Garlic” took Alexey “the Stud” to the Nursery Home” was even given three awards! Those awards were: Audience Award, best cameraman Award and “Best Actor” Award named after Alexander Abdulov was given to Evgeny Tkachuk and Alexey Serebryakov who starred in this movie.