05.03.2018, 22:53

The large press-conference that finalized results of the 16th  Festival of Cinema Debuts “Spirit of Fire” took place in CTC “Ugra-Classic”. 

The Head of the Screening Board Boris Nelepo, Festival Vice-President Maria Zvereva and participants of the International and Russian Film Contests were present at the meeting.

Maria Zvereva welcomed participants and made a statement that press-conference is interesting for organizers who acted behind the curtains until the press -conference. Therefore, it became possible to see not only movies, but those people who created the movies.

“The way to the debut movie is difficult in any country of the world. Cinema art is very expensive. And if id doesn’t take much money to spend on the movie, it is more expensive than writing a novel. And this make debut filming a real adventure “, - said Maria Zvereva. 

Boris Nelepo welcomed the audience: Борис Нелепо выразил признательность собравшимся
“I am very grateful to film directors who are here with us, to the Head of Jury Paulu Branku. It is great honor that Mr.Paulu Branku agreed to come here and become the Head of International Jury. He is a producer whose films were selected for Film Festivals in Canes and Venice. There no producers with the same number of films selected for festival programs”. 


Paulu Branku thanked for warm welcome and nice introduction mentioning that it is very important for any producer to learn new things and this is the reason why he came to visit the Festival “Spirit of Fire”

Speakers in the first part of the Conference were: Katharina Wuss, Ted Fendt, Keith Poleson Michelle Son, Klim Kozinsky, Norman Leto, Luc Schessel and Kelvin Engim. 

Each of festival participants told the story of their films. Film directors shared interesting facts about their work with the audience and difficulties that had to overcome. In spite of the fact that each film has a unique story the artists were equal in opinion that cinema debutants have the most difficult moments when they try to find a producer and actors, they are lacking experience and funds.

Ted Fendt, the film director of the “Classical Period” described in colors his way to the film: “The road to the film was hard, long and thorny, almost bloody. May be one day I will write a book about my ideas to film and how I finally filmed it.  Filming in America is an a thankless job. It’s like looking for change in your pocket and finding nothing. During the year I was searching for funding and launched filming. “. 

It is worth mentioning that Ted still films with 16mm film and this has no analogues in contemporary American movie making. Another interesting thing is hos work is the fact that he works with friends who play themselves.