Why Should Man Save Ob-Ugric Languages and What does the Beauty Have to Do With It?
04.03.2018, 23:56
Why Should Man Save Ob-Ugric Languages and What does the Beauty Have to Do With It?

Lecture “Why Should Man Save Ob-Ugric Languages and What does the Beauty Have to Do With It?”, took place in the Museum of Man and Nature today.

It was made by Alexey Kozlov, the Senior Assistant Professor in the Higher School of Economy, scientist of the Institute of Language Science of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

This lecture is the forth in the row in the scope of the educational Project pf “Arzamas” Academy jointly with the project “Century-old Ugra” and Cinema Forum  “In_situ” of the 16th Film Festival “Spirit of Fire”

The lecturer told the audience about uniqueness of the Ob-Ugric group of people, which incorporates languages of indigenous people such as Khanty and Mansi and explained why it is important to maintain language authenticity.

Alexey Kozlov mentioned that this lectured dealt not only with language science but with social aspects. Language science became the final part of the lecture. Festival “Spirit of Fire” became a cultural event not only n Ugra, but in Russia.

“The global purpose of making science public is to achieve not only pragmatic perception, but to get an esthetic impression enriched with scientific knowledge. Such science lectures naturally interact with different cultural events. It is preferable to see esthetic light in science lecture”.

He also added that languages of indigenous peoples of Russia are very beautiful and are characterized with a unique and complex system of rules. For a person who studies these rules every complexity in the language is an intellectual puzzle that has to be settled. This is the feeling that Alexey Kozlov wanted to share with the audience.

“On one hand, there is a variety of social sciences in which language science is important (anthropology, sociology, phsychology, computer science, philosophy, history, culture). And language science is on the cross-road of many sciences”, clarified the lecturer.

Alexey Kozlov thinks that in Khanty and Mansi languages there are some mysterious sounds for a Russian speaking person. The Norther Khanty dialect has four varieties of “u” sound that are hardly differentiated by ear. Verbs in Khanty language could be combined not only with a subject, but with a direct object, which makes it unexpected for Russian speakers. There is a system of complex rules. First, these rules frighten you with their complexity, and then strike you with their beauty and harmony.

When one speaks about indigenous languages, it should be understood, that if the process is natural, it doesn’t mean that it is a positive process. For example, if the mankind makes damage to the environment it is a natural process. So far, if we leave things as they are, in a certain while the entire world shall speak only English or Chinese. It will be easy, but the beauty shall disappear along with the cultural diversity.

Students, teachers, and local intellectuals became the participants of the event. The on-line  broadcasting was seen by more than 25 thousand people.