In loving memory of Dmitry Soloviev...
04.03.2018, 23:57
In loving memory of Dmitry Soloviev...

On March, 4th, cinematography society of the Festival “Spirit of Fire”, community fo Khanty-Mansiysk and residents of the city gathered in the Large Audience Hall of “Ugra-Classic” to share an irreparable loss with Sergey Solviev.

Maria Zvereva, Leonid Kanevsky, Leonid Yakubivitch, Olga Kabo, Egor Koreshkov and other honored guests of the Festival were present at the gathering.

Dmitry Soloviev was in the flower of his strength. He was the member of the Union of Filmmakers of Russia, actor, producer, artist, and Design-director of the International Debut Film Festival “Spirit of Fire”.

In spite of any difficulties the Master finds the nerve to continue his work at the 16th Festival “Spirit of Fire”.

People who used to know Dmitry Soloviev shared their memories about him (Mitya, as they tenderly called him): actress Olga Sidorova, stage artist Sergey Ivanov. Sergey Soloviev’s students from the Institute of Cinematography prepared a musical tribute.

The first role was played by Dmitry when he was a schoolboy. It was a movie called “Under Starry Sky” (the final part of the trilogy started with “Assa” and “the Black Rose – Symbol of Sadness, the Red Rose – Symbol of Love).

However, the main movie for Dmitry Soloviev was the retrodrama “Tender Age” released in 2000. In this movie Dmitry was the screen co-writer and the featured actor.

“Tender Age” was shown at the Dmitry Soloviev’s commemoration gathering.

This is a story of a young gentleman moving into adulthood in the period of market and mafia environment of Perestroyka period (late1980-ies – early 1990-ies). The movie is emotional, sad and touching/ It’s about generation that lost moral orientation.

Dmitry Soloviev in the image of Drmitry Gromov demonstrated the human tragedy of a person who doesn’t know how he should not waste himself.

It is worth mentioning that at “Kinotavr” Festival in 2001, the “Tender Age” was awarded with three awards: the Grand Prix “”The Golden Rose”, the Award from the Russian Guild of Film Critics and the Award of Michael Tariverdiyev for the best music.

Later, in 2016 Dmitry acted as a producer in the movie “Ke-dy” by Sergey Soloviev.

Residents of Ugra remember Dmitry Soloviev as the Art Director of the International Film Festival “Spirit of Fire”. He was involved in this activity for more than 16 years, from the moment of the Festival foundation and until this year Festival..

Emblems and posters for “Spirit of Fire” made by his creative hands are well known not only in Ugra, but in the movie world. They became the part of the Festival and the united body with its histry, as well as Dmitry Soloviev...

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