“Spirit of Fire” Announced the Winners
08.03.2017, 16:56
“Spirit of Fire” Announced the Winners
"Diamond Island", a film of France, Cambodia, Germany, Qatar, Thailand has won the international competition and the main prize “Golden Taiga”. Director is Davy Shu, and this is his first feature film. The Diamond Island is a symbol of the future of Cambodia, an ultra-modern paradise for the rich people. Like other village boys, 18-year-old Bora decided to take part in construction of this developers’ dream. There he finds new friends and even meets his charismatic elder brother Soley, who disappeared five years ago. Soley shows Bora an exciting world of prosperous urban Cambodian youth with girls, nightclubs and endless illusions.

“Transparent plot of the “Diamond Island “ is that painful connection with the past, which determines each of us,” the Chairman of the Selection Committee of the Festival, film critic Boris Nelepo, said about the film.

“This Festival has shown the multifaceted palette of world cinema,” Natalya Komarova, Governor of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug- Ugra said at the closing ceremony. “I'm sure that we will continue the “Spirit of Fire”, and it will shine even brighter, kinder and lighter, attracting new stars of the cinema.”

The film "The Last Family" by Polish director Jan P. Matuszynski, who addressed to the real story of the most famous surrealist in Poland Zdzisław Beksiński, took second place and the prize “Silver Taiga”. This is not a traditional biographical picture, but a family saga. The story is as follows: despite the cruel fantasies and gloomy pictures, the artist Beksiński is a soft man, ready for anything for the sake of the family. His wife is Zofia, she is catholic and trying to unite relatives, but her son Tomasz often threatens to commit suicide and cannot restrain anger. Beksiński chronicles their life, fixing everyday joys and tragedies on the camera, changing epochs and inevitable losses.

The film "In the Last Days of the City" directed by Tamer El-Said and produced by Egypt, Germany, UK and the UAE was awarded the "Bronze Taiga" prize. Tamer El-Said filmed his work in the turbulent days that preceded the revolution in Egypt. Then he postponed the material in order to return again to complex and controversial events of the recent past. The documentary background itself has now become invaluable evidence. But this is also a personal testimony, full of bitterness and melancholy: it is focused on confusion and defenselessness of an individual facing the the heavy tread of History. In cinematography there is a genre of a city symphony. “In the last days of the city” in this case is a requiem for the beloved city.