n the history of national cinema was the period when most incredibly matched assessments of the International Cinematographic community and of the mass audience both abroad, and, most importantly, here in the former Soviet Union, particularly in Russia. This period of masterpieces, marked with highest international and national award-winning, may be called - the films "About War". This theme and the movies became the basis of programs and general style of the13th International Film Festival "SPIRIT OF FIRE".

By decision of the organizing committee of the Festival, in 2015 it will be held from 21 to 28 February. We would like to dedicate it to upcoming seventy-year anniversary of Victory of the Soviet People in the Great Patriotic War.

Guests of the Festival:

Peter Shepotinnic, film director, program director of the Film Festival "Spirit of Fire" -2015 (Russia)

Film director Sergei Solovyov, President of the Festival "Spirit of Fire" (Russia)

Actress Catherine Deneuve (France)

TV presenter Leonid Yakubovich (Russia)

Aleksei Fedorchenko, Chairman of Main Competition Jury (Russia)

Film director Stanislav Govorukhin (Russia)

Guests of the festival

The winners of the festival

Winners of the Festival

International Competition

The main prize of the festival - "Golden Taiga» - for the best debut film - the film "Flowers", directed by Hong Gharanio and Hawes Marie Goenago, 400,000 (four hundred thousand);

The prize "Silver Taiga" - for the debut film - 150,000 (one hundred fifty thousand) rubles; the film "The young poet," director Damien Manivel (France)

Prize «Bronze Taiga» - for the debut film - film "Inexplicably", the director Gabor Reis (Hungary), 50,000 (fifty thousand) rubles.

Special Jury Prize with a special formulation:

For a successful attempt to revive the children's cinema with a compelling modern cinema technologies to the film "Oblivion" directed by ZERESENAY BERHANE MEHARI (Ethiopia)

The competition "Russian Debuts 2015"

on the results of the audience voting the following prizes will be presented:

Audience Award - "Golden Taiga" - 70,000 (seventy thousand) rubles; film "Complete transformation", directed by Philipp Korshunov

The prize "Flowers of Hope of Taiga" - the movie "Class of correction", directed by Ivan I.
Tverdovskiy, 400,000 (four hundred thousand) rubles;

Special Prizes

Prize named after Alexander Abdulov "Best Actor in Russian debut film" — Egor Koreshkov,

Prize named after Alexander Abdulov "Best Actress in Russian debut film." — Alexandra Bortich,

Prize named after a cameraman Pavel Lebeshev "For the best camera work" in the competitive or non-competitive Russian film — Peter Dukhovskoy

The prize of the general partner of the Festival, "Gazprom neft" for the preservation of cultural traditions - "What's My Name" directed by Nigina Sayfullaeva


Openning of the 13th International Festival "Spirit of fire"

Volunteer action HOMETOWNS

Closing of the 13th International Festival "Spirit of fire"

Video conference of Catherine Deneuve in Khanty-Mansiysk with residents of Surgut and Nizhnevartovsk

Meeting of the Moscow guests at the airport of Khanty-Mansiysk

Ladies breakfast

Star walk

Catherine Deneuve at the Center of Arts for Gifted Children of the North in Khanty-Mansiysk

Trip of Catherine Deneuve and Russian stars to Siberia ethnovillage in Park Dobrino

Catherine Deneuve Press Conference

Press conference of the openning of the festival Spirit of fire

Award Ceremony for the winners of the microfilm competition Victory

Openning Ceremony of the festival Spirit of