The festival was dedicated to the Russian oil industry workers. The motto of the festival - "Man and oil."

A special role in the life of 12th Festival in 2014 was given to a "Museum of geology, oil and gas," the city of Khanty-Mansiysk. The museum held creative and scientific conference with the participation of oil workers, scientists, members of the film festival under the slogan "Oil yesterday, today and tomorrow in the fate of Russia and the fate of the world."

There was a display of world-famous, best-picture "Oil" (USA) directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, received two Academy Awards.
Guests of the festival:

Guests of the Festival:

TV presenter Leonid Yakubovich (Russia)

Film director Sergei Solovyov, President of the Festival "Spirit of Fire" (Russia)

Winners of the Festival

Guests of the festival

The winners of the festival

International Competition

The main prize of the festival - "Golden Taiga» - for the best debut film - a film "Which was to be proved", directed by Andrei Grushnitski (Romania)

The prize "Silver Taiga" - for the debut film - a film "Paradjanov", director Serge Avedikian and Elena Fetisova (Ukraine-France),

Prize «Bronze Taiga» - for the debut film - a film "Family history", directed by Liu Qing (China),

Special Jury Prize - film "Sharp", director and scriptwriter Kiarash Asadizade (Iran)

Prize from the Russian Film Critics and Film experts- film "Leningrad", directed by Igor Vishnevetskii (Russia)

The prize of the general partner of the Festival, "Gazprom neft" for the preservation of cultural traditions - "Secret of the Dark room" directed by Olga Belyaeva

The competition "Russian Debuts 2013"

Awarded on the results of audience voting:

Audience Award - "Golden Taiga" - the film "Secret of the dark room," directed by Olga Belyaeva.

According to the results of voting of the jury "The triumvirate of directors" was awarded the following prizes:

Golden Prize "Flowers of Hope of Taiga" - the film "Thirst" directed by Dmitry Tyurin

Silver Award "Flowers of Hope of Taiga" - the film "Ivan, son of Amir," director Maxim Panfilov

Bronze Prize "Flowers of Hope of Taiga" - the film "Dialogues", directed by Ira Volkova

Actors Film Festival jury awarded the following prizes for the best acting in a Russian debut film:

Prize named after Alexander Abdulov "Best Actor in Russian debut film" — Michail Grubov, Film "Thirst", directed by D. Tyurin

Prize named after Alexander Abdulov "Best Actress in Russian debut film." — Karolina Grushka, film "Ivan, son of Amir", directed by M. Panfilov

Prize named after a cameraman Pavel Lebeshev "For the best camera work" in the competitive or non-competitive Russian film — Oleg Lukichev, film "Ivan, son of Amir", directed by M. Panfilov,

Debutant director prize for the best work with the music in the film of the international or Russian competition program - the film "Secret of the dark room," directed by Olga Belyaeva.


Meeting Airport

Opening of children and youth film club program

Opening of Russian debuts competition

Opening of international competition Iloilo

Red carpet and opening

Presentation of the movie WEEKEND

Presentation of the movie "The three musketeers"

Cultural program Ugorskaya dolina

The play "The Seagull"

Music for Solovyev