9th International Festival of Cinematographic Debuts "Spirit of Fire"

dedicated to the world of cinematic classics and contemporary global cinema, the festival's motto "Film as the Art." Chairman of the jury - director, screenwriter Alexander Mitta. Retrospective of the world's great directors of cinema took place: Fellini, Antonioni, Bergman, Truffaut, Visconti, Wajda; and also the great Soviet film directed by Sergei Eisenstein "Battleship Potemkin", which had already turned 85 years old.

Winners of the Festival

Guests of the festival

The winners of the festival

The main prize of the festival "Golden Taiga» - for the best debut film was awarded to the film "Siberia. Monamur ", directed by Slava Ross

The prize "Silver Taiga" for the debut feature film was presented to the film "Mountain Flowers", directed by Carlos Cesar Arbelaes, Colombia.

Prize «Bronze Taiga» for the debut feature film was given to the film "October", directors Daniel and Diego Vega Vidal, Peru.

People's Choice Award "Golden Taiga" - the film "Twists and turns", directed by Levan Gabriadze.

People's Choice Award "Silver Taiga" - the film "Wind catcher", directed by Aysyuak Yumagulov.

People's Choice Award "Bronze taiga" - the film "How to catch a shoplifter," directed by Evgeniy Semenov.

Alexander Abdulov Best Actor and Best Actress in Russian debute film prizes, for best ensemble cast" were given to Maxim Matveyev and Lisa Boyarskaya, who played in the film "I will not tell", directed by Igor Kopylov.

Alexander Abdulov Best Actor in the Russian debut film was given to Peter Zaichenko, film "Siberia, Monamur ", directed by Slava Ross.

Pavel Lebeshev prize "For the Best Camera Work" - the director of the film "Cadenzii" Alexei Fyodorov, the film (directed by Ivan Savelyev).

The main sponsor of the festival, Spanish jewelry house «Carrera y Carrera» has prepared the prize "The Best Actress," which was given to Svetlana Smirnova -Martsinkevich, for her role in the movie "Saturday" (director Alexander Mindadze). The prize for the actress was jewelry "Dragon" from the "Rings of the Planet" collection.